Away i go…

Let me just say it is a million times easier to journal than to blog — mainly because I kept so much of it (and myself) locked tight.  I’m trying to make some changes for the positive.  I always hate when people say that they are changing for the positive or for the better — like their best wasn’t good enough.  Well, what if it’s not?  My present path landed me in the hospital in another state and I was content not to tell anyone I was sick until the pain was unbearable.
I always want to be strong.  The kind of person someone can look up to.  I struggle with depression daily.  So, I fight with thoughts of being lower than gum on the bottom of one’s shoe all of the time.  It’s a work in progress.  I’m making myself eat healthy and stay hydrated.  I’m cutting my work load in the coming weeks by half and next weekend it’s back on the crutches on  the walker.
Oh, and the journal title?  Yes, I know that in English or in Spanish that “I’m not a Unicorn.”  I would hope that I remember that there isn’t a magical threshold for declaring me a Unicorn (or anything else negative fill in the blank) &  I may refer to being or not being a Unicorn to prove to myself I really was listening to what my friends had to say when I really needed most to hear I mattered… Unicorn or not, but thankfully I’m not one.