Liars… and the Truth you discover

People don’t really talk about it the ones who are depressed about how life gripping it is.  It gets its talons into you slowly making you think you aren’t as: good, smart, nice, tough, pretty as before and that it’s impossible to get it back.

At first, you won’t believe it.  Then, you’ll make a mistake and depression whispers to you “i told you so.”  You’ll keep running away from it filling your day until every hour is accounted for and depression is way too tired to tell you not to…

Not to eat that, talk that way, act that way, be yourself, express your opinion and have a voice in the world.

Somehow you find yourself in a situation where not every hour is accounted for and thats when depression can fit right over you like the best blanket of all your fears and it’s so comfy you’ll never want to let it go because for so long that familiarity has been all you’ve known.

You’ll find glimpses of yourself and want it all back.  You’ll learn to fight through laughter through even harder tears.  You’ll fight and fight hard everyday.  You’ll know you are winning on days when they say you seem much more like yourself than before.  It’s on these days you’ll know the real truth, depression is a liar.